Joshua Christopherson Conferred With The “Excellence In Education” Award at GFEL Las Vegas, 2020–21

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2 min readJul 28, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada — June 28, 2021 — Joshua Christopherson was honored with the “Excellence In Education” award for his noteworthy contributions to the education industry at the second edition of The Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL), held at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA on June 23–25, 2021.

Mr. Christopherson is the CEO of two learning companies, iCÜE Technology (also the co-founder) and Achieve Today. iCÜE Technology is a cloud-based learning system that helps companies expand their businesses by providing industry-leading employee education. The AI-powered learning technology addresses common problems in adult learning and skill development via its cutting-edge features like real-time facial recognition, student habit-learning, and industry-leading progress reporting and projections. iCÜE Technology has helped more than 14,000 employee students via its 400+ courses, and has helped clients improve ROI by more than $40 million.

Achieve Today is a learning platform that integrates coaching with technology in a way that helps professionals and students learn new skills while inspiring them to achieve higher levels of success. Along with their AI-powered app, Achieve Today offers tech-driven corporate skill-building programs as well as inspired youth education programs. Josh fearlessly leads the creative team, app developers, and coaching experts at iCÜE Technology and Achieve Today, and has helped to expand both companies’ reach to more than 70 countries and tens of thousands of users worldwide.

Mr. Christopherson is also an expert in culture development in the workplace and is a past contributor to Training Magazine, the Enterprisers Project, Authority Magazine, Talking Business Now Podcast, and many more. His trailblazing endeavors and his noble dedication to driving change in the realm of professional education and skill development led to his nomination and ultimately, to his selection for the prestigious honor.

When asked about his vision for the future, Mr. Christopherson said, “Our company’s vision is a world without limits, I can see the similarity here. It’s exciting; it’s nice to listen to the speakers; it’s phenomenal. There are some great people talking about some incredible businesses. It’s great being recognised in something this large, something this big. The meetings are educational to me.”

GFEL, a brand owned by Prism Events, Inc. is a three-day international education conference that promotes networking, knowledge sharing and recognizes the industry-leading work of visionary individuals and organizations. After the successful conclusion of its second edition, we seek to empower education experts by building and expanding our presence in the Asia-Pacific and MENA regions.

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